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JSC Komitex - manufacturer of nonwovens
and synthetic fibres in Russia.

JSC Komitex is situated in Syktyvkar, the capital of the Republic of Komi, in the North-East of the European part of the Russian Federation. The company was established in 1979, and today it employs around 1000 people.

JSC Komitex has several representatives in different regions of the country:  «Komitex-service» Ltd (Moscow), «KOMITEXSPB» Ltd (Saint-Petersburg), «Komitex-Avto» JSC (Toliatti), «Komitex-Kirov» Ltd (Kirov),  «Komitex Lin» Ltd (Syktyvkar), «Komitex Geo» Ltd (Syktyvkar) and other.

JSC Komitex is the member of the European Disposables and Nonwovens Association (EDANA), Association of nonwovens producers (ASINEM) (Certificate of membership).

The company has the most of the world known technologies of producing nonwoven materials by «dry method». The unique set of equipment, experience of professionals, gained through years of market relations, let promptly react on changes in market and produce a wide spectrum of high quality products. The quality system for the conformity to the International standart ISO 9001:2015 (Certificate No 80810/А/0002/UK/En, expiry date 13 July 2024), IATF 16949:2016 (Certificate No 80810/В/0001/UK/En, expiry date 28 July 2024), requirements is certified at our enterprise.

Technology of JSC Komitex gives a possibility to produce fabrics with different properties for various applications. It is achieved through:

  • combining different types of fibers; 
  • high quality web formation process;
  • use of different types of web bonding process;
    • chemical bonding

    • needlepunching

    • stitchbonding

  • combined binder systems 
  • applying a wide range of finishing procedures. 

Gradual escalating of capacities on release of synthetic fibres has deduced JSC Komitex in leaders by the given kind of manufacture in Russia. Now the enterprise provides the needs for such fibres that gives additional quality assurances, volumes of stability and flexibility of deliveries, increases in technological opportunities of manufacture of nonwoven materials. Besides JSC Komitex became one of the basic suppliers of synthetic fibres of Russia for needs of textile and other companies.

Stable financial situation of the enterprise is guaranteed by the increase of the annual production volumes, sales, and profit.

The company carries out new investment projects and does constant modernization of equipment that lets improve quality and broaden the product line, comprising nowadays more than 50 product types. 

JSC Komitex is a long-term supplier of more than 700 companies in Russia and abroad. The flexible production process and the high-qualified staff enable to make our products meet a customer’s requirements. Corporate computer system of planning, accounting, and control under company’s production guarantees effective time and materials consumption.

During all the period of development our company has strived for mutually profitable co-operation with our partners. We are ready to offer our production capacity and competent technical staff, knowledge and experience of working in the market of nonwoven materials. 


  • 1979 Company foundation
  • 1980 Production of the nonwoven substrate for PVC table-cloth
  • 1983 KOMITEX - the largest supplier of the nonwoven substrate in the USSR 
  • 1985 Needlepunched nonwovens production starts 
  • 1986 Thermobonded nonwovens production starts 
  • 1991 Export begins
  • 1993 Stitchbonded and 3-dimensional nonwovens production starts 
  • 1995 Corporate computer information system integrated
  • 1997 Growth of the market share in the market of fabrics for automotive applications
  • 1997 Production of linoleum based on a nonwoven substrate starts 
  • 1998 Production of polyethlene film for packing of integrated products
  • 1999 Investment program on modernization of production facilities starts
  • 2000 Increase of the production of needlepunched materials
  • 2001 Investment program on needlepunched materials production increase
  • 2002 Certification DIN EN ISO 9001:2000
  • 2002 Investment program on production increase
  • 2003 Polypropylene fiber production starts
  • 2003 Production of cardboard reel core
  • 2004 Investment program on needlepunched materials production
  • 2004 Production of roofing substrate and wiping materials
  • 2005 PES fiber production starts
  • 2006 Expansion of needlepunched materials production
  • 2006-2008 Step by step expansion of PES fiber production
  • 2008 Expansion of needlepunched and needlepunched-thermobonded materials production
  • 2009 Company becomes the conventional leader of Russia on manufacture of synthetic fibres
  • 2010 Increase of the production volumes and expansion of the range of nonwovens for the automotive industry
  • 2011 Increase of the production of needlepunched nonwovens
  • 2012 Increase of the production of polyester fiber
  • 2012 The launching of the cross cutting carpet line and of the additional finishing treatment line for car industry materials
  • 2015 «Komitex Geo» Ltd was founded to dispose geotextile
  • 2017 Certification ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO / TS 16949: 2009
  • 2018 Certification ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016
  • 2019 The launch of the 8th needle-punching line, the modernization of the production of polyester fiber was carried out, the capacity for the production of polyester fiber was increased
  • 2021 The processing capacity of pressed PET bottles has been increased
  • 2021 The implementation of the first stage of the Investment Project 2021-2023 to increase the capacity for the production of non-woven materials has begun.
  • 2022 The launch of the 9th needle-punching line.
Work in JSC «Komitex»