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Nonwoven materials for furniture industry

For furniture industry JSC Komitex offers:

  • needlepunched fabrics;
  • needlepunched thermobonded fabrics;
  • stitchbonded fabrics.

Nonwoven materials are widely used in furniture industry for:

  • covering of spring blocks in the manufacture of upholstery and mattresses;
  • protection of face parts of furniture when transportating;
  • boarding of volume stuff;
  • back covering of upholstery elements.

Some recommendations on application:

Stitchbonded fabric is fixed to a furniture base and sticked to the 3-dimensional fabric butts in order to keep it safe and to extend durability of 3-dimensional fabric.

Stitchbonded fabric is also used as interlining in upholstery fabric and when a furniture making it is laying between upholstery fabric and 3-dimensional fabric. It helps to extend the durability of  the upholstery fabric and 3-dimensional fabric as well, makes furniture comfortable and aesthetically beautiful.

Stitchbonded and needle-punched materials are used as a covering at the production of volume stuff sleeves for elbow-rest and back.

The advantages of JSC Komitex nonwoven materials:

  • Environmentally appropriate materials produced without chemical binders for the furniture manufacture.
  • No decomposition - synthetic materials are not exposed to decomposition, decay, bacterial action, not any parasites can be introduced there. Life time of such materials is more than 100 years.
  • Easy use - due to the durability and special structure of the materials, they are easily cut with any cutting device and not frayed, glued, bound, sewed, hammered, laminated.

JSC Komitex produces other materials as well, which are used in furniture industry.


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