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Substrate for tufted carpet fabrics

JSC Komitex offers nonwoven substrate for tufted carpet fabrics:

  • needlepunched;
  • needlepunched-thermobonded;
  • needlepunched-thermobonded in mass.

Nonwoven backing gives tufting additional customer advantages and permits:

  • to keep safe parquet floor;
  • to avoid negative consequences from humidity action;
  • to improve soundproofing and warmth-keeping properties of the coating;
  • to give the additional comfort;
  • to distribute tufting coating evenly on the floor;
  • to smooth out irregularities on floor surface;
  • to prevent edges fraying and adhesion coat crumble; 
  • to apply more attractive appearance to the tufting covering.

Nonwoven backing for tufting is manufactured on the up-to-date high-performance equipment.

The use of nonwoven backing of JSC Komitex
production permits to achieve the following effects
when coating to the tufting original base:

  • considerable reduction of expensive adhesive composition consumption at the expense of big compactness of the material;
  • the production output increase in consequence of guaranteed stability of technical characteristics;
  • better adhesion of adhesive composition because of the particular inside structure of nonwoven material.

There is the possibility of sole-colored tufting substrate production.

Nonwoven backing may be applied instead of jute one at production of economical tufting coating with the thin backing.

Due to the new foreign equipment JSC Komitex can produce substrate for tufting with minimum unevenness in mass, that allowed to reduce the surface density of fabric (on average to 20 g/m2) relatively standard substrate at keeping of the required characteristics of ready production.

Nonwoven materials for tufting may be manufactured in different weight from 80 g/m2. The possible widths are from 1,2 to 6,0 m.


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