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Polypropylene fiber

Komitex company produces and sells staple polypropylene fiber with a linear density of 0.33, 0.6, 1.7 and 3 tex with a cutting length of 60, 75 and 90 mm. It is possible to produce polypropylene fiber in accordance with the technical requirements of consumers. The color of the fiber is white, gray and black, it is also possible to produce colored fiber on order.

JSC "Komitex" has the ability to produce and supply polypropylene harness.

Polypropylene fiber belongs to the group of synthetic fibers made from molten polypropylene by molding and is characterized by unique physical, mechanical and chemical properties combined with the lowest cost among synthetic analogues. The fibers have an extremely low vapor absorption coefficient and one of the smallest specific masses among artificial fibers. They are used as raw materials for the production of non-woven materials for various purposes for construction, automotive, furniture, footwear, clothing, printing, medical, oil refining industries and in other areas


  • high strength, ensuring long-term operation;
  • good elasticity, superior to polyamide and PET, which makes it possible to easily give the products the necessary shape;
  • excellent thermal insulation properties that allow the production of packaging material for goods and products that are sensitive to temperature changes;
  • resistance to chemical reagents (alkaline and acidic aggressive media, organic solvents, etc.);
  • resistance to wear and repeated bends;
  • immunity to rot and microorganisms (mold, bacteria, fungus, etc.), which makes the canvas easy to clean and durable;
  • low hygroscopicity (about 0.02%) — even with prolonged contact with water vapor, the fibers do not absorb them;
  • the ability to withstand high (melting point 165° C) and low temperatures, as well as temperature differences.

With the help of special additives and stabilizers, very high quality characteristics and operational and mechanical properties of products based on polypropylene are ensured.

At your request, we are ready to develop products with antibacterial properties due to the introduction of silver ions.

Also we offer polyester staple fiber. 

Benefits of cooperation with Komitex JSC

  • By purchasing products from our company, you can be completely confident in its competitive price (in comparison with foreign analogues) without loss of quality, since we use modern equipment, which is used by professional employees.
  • Komitex has its own quality control system, and all our products are certified according to the international ISO standard.
  • We guarantee prompt shipment of the goods and delivery of the order strictly within the specified time.
  • The company's specialists individually approach the solution of each client's tasks, regardless of the order volume, helping to choose products that are optimally suitable for certain requirements.
  • An extensive network of warehouses, provided with a stock of a wide range of commodity nomenclature, allows for the delivery of goods in the shortest possible time.


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