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Training center


In the situation of continuous development and introduction of new technologies, equipment, assortment at the industrial enterprise, human capital becomes our main competitive advantage. Especially important are the «quality» characteristics of the staff, as it is highly qualified employees are able to solve the task at the highest level and in the shortest possible time. The main factor that directly affects the quality characteristics of personnel and the cost of human capital of the enterprise as a whole is the system of personnel development.

Training center of JSC «Komitex» was created in 1982, shortly after the introduction of the «Syktyvkar factory of nonwoven materials». The need to create a training unit and conduct activities to train their own personnel was dictated by the specifics of the enterprise, as in the region there were no educational institutions involved in the training of personnel for the production of non-woven materials and synthetic fibers.

The license to conduct educational
activities № 1645-P from 01.03.2018

Operation mode:

Monday - friday: from 08.00a.m to 4.30 p.m, lunch break with 12.30 p.m from 1.00 p.m.
Email address: kadry@komitex.ru, dyachenko_ty@komitex.ru.
Head of the Training center: Titarenko Anzhelika.
Contact phone number: +7 (8212) 28-65-54, +7 (8212) 28-65-82

Educational unit «Training center» has training facilities: two classes for 24 and 20 people, a library for 6000 units of technical literature, equipped with convenient mobile racks. The classrooms are equipped with a TV, a computer, a projector and a DVD player. In addition, in 2017, an electronic database of documents for training was developed - «Komitex Corporate University»

JSC Komitex annually allocates 100 thousand rubles for acquisition of technical literature, educational posters, programs, videos. Educational unit «Training centre» training videos are created to specific production areas.

Educational activities are carried
out in the following areas:

  • Professional training of newly hired employees (19 educational programs, specialties). Newly hired workers who do not have a profession or change their profession are trained in accordance with the qualification requirements of the ETCS, as well as on the basis of professional standards in the profession.
  • Retraining (retraining), training of the second (adjacent) profession - on 37 educational programs (specialties).
  • Professional development - 29 educational programs (specialties).
  • Professional programs are developed by the Training center with the participation of heads of departments.

The following forms of training
are used for personnel training:

  • Individual training, where each trainee worker is assigned to the most qualified mentor — instructor, not exempt from the main work. Industrial training is conducted on the basis of the training program, directly in the workplace, and recorded in the Diary of industrial training.
  • Brigade training, when students are combined into groups of 5 - 10 people.
  • Course training, when the course is formed and the study is carried out in full-time in the classrooms of the training center, or in training centers of other organizations. The course form provides training in complex professions, the mastery of which is associated with the study of a significant amount of special, General technical and economic knowledge.

The list of teachers of theoretical training, from among specialists of the enterprise, and instructors of industrial training (highly skilled workers) is approved annually by the order on the enterprise.
To help the instructor developed a «Memo to the instructor of industrial training», which spelled out:

  • stages of formation of professional skills;
  • principles of industrial training;
  • methods of industrial training (verbal, visual, practical);
  • types, structure of a lesson of inservice training;
  • types and content of production instructions;
  • tasks, responsibilities of the instructor.

According to the results of the examination,
the employee is assigned a qualification category,
which is registered in the Minutes of the meeting
of the qualification Commission.

Professional development of managers and specialists is carried out both in the Training center of the enterprise, and in training centers, institutes of advanced training of Syktyvkar and other cities. Most training programs for managers and specialists are related to the acquisition of specialized professional knowledge and skills, as well as the development of corporate competencies aimed at problem solving and results management, team development and self-management.

To build a career of employees of JSC «Komitex» developed Regulations
on the personnel reserve, promoted a culture of self-development and
responsibility for their careers. Training seminars and trainings are
held to support employees in building their careers.

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