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Nonwoven materials for construction

JSC Komitex offers various nonwoven
materials for use in construction:

  • for isolation of pipelines, including bitumastic;
  • for the production of glass-fibre-reinforced plastic pipes;
  • for leveling walls under wall-papers etc.

In 2011 the Ministry of architecture, consctuction and municipal services of the Komi Republic, the Ministry of the industry and energy of the Komi Republic and «APEX» exhibition company awarded JSC Komitex with the Diploma of I degree For the active participation in work of an exhibition and a high level of the presented exposition of geotextiles and nonwovens for building.

JSC Komitex also offers the assortment of geotextiles GEOKOM, widely used in construction.

In addition, the company, together with its partners has developed new types of materials for roofing and insulation.

JSC Komitex has an opportunity of delivery nonwovens in the fofm of tapes of various width.


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