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Nonwovens for packages

Nonwovens produced by JSC Komitex
are used as a package:

  • For steel ropes, wire products, equipment package and other products instead of the packaging paper and other packaging materials. Сhemically bonded felts can be used for these purposes as they have a good strength and flexibility.
  • For amortization of the products’ contact with rough package, as a layer between pallets with cargo at the loading in several stages can be used needlepunched and needlepunched thermally bonded nonwovens with surface density from 100 to 900 g/sq.m.
  • JSC Komitex also offers for the different materials packaging (saw-timber, wood, furniture etc.) needlepunched nonwovens laminated with the film (high pressure polyethylene) 150 microns. The felts laminated with the film ensure water proofing that permits to keep the specific microclimate inside the package over a long-term transportation (especially by the sea) and, correspondingly, the given humidity of the materials. The film is protected by the nonwoven, that prevent it from rupture and permits to keep the impermeability of the package.

JSC Komitex possesses the possibility of underworking the nonwovens used as the packages, according to the individual customers requirements.


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