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Wiping products

One of the activities of Komitex JSC is the development and production of cleaning materials for washing floors, dishes, glasses, tile cleaning, dusting, wiping and polishing furniture and other surfaces. The main consumers of these materials are households, hotels, restaurants and other service enterprises.

Non-woven cleaning materials for household use can be used for disinfection (gels, liquid formulations, including disinfectants, abrasive cleaning powders, pastes)

Non-woven wiping materials for industrial purposes can be used for wiping equipment, parts, tools in factories, workshops, laboratories, car services, etc.

Non-woven wiping materials can also be used to wipe the udders of cows, etc.

Wiping products of JSC Komitex
have the following properties:

  • Good liquids absorbency; 
  • Good dust collection;
  • Multi-use;
  • Suitable for wet and dry cleaning.

We offer cleaning materials in rolls of various widths with a surface density from 80 to 250 grams, in various colors. We have the ability to supply wiping cloths in the form of a narrow tape (in bobbins) of the required width.

Cleaning materials have an Expert opinion on compliance with the requirements of the "Unified sanitary-epidemiological and hygienic requirements for goods subject to sanitary-epidemiological supervision (control)".

Wiping products for the units
of railway transport and Metro

JSC Komitex offers the wiping products which can be used as soft cleaning material in the railway transport and Metro units.

The soft cleaning material is meant to wipe, wash, disinfect, clean and polish (by gels, cleansers) inside and outside surfaces of carriers, equipments, living quarters, offices, storage rooms, furniture, dishes, laboratory glassware and other surfaces made of metal and alloy, concrete and stone, wood, textile, leather and leatherette, plastic, glass and ceramics and other materials including lacquered, painted and enamelled.

Wiping products for the units of railway transport and Metro are produced under the Technical terms coordinated with the Department of State Sanitary Epidemiological Inspectors of the Russian Federation Communications Ministry and Federal State Unitary Enterprise «All-Russian Research Institute of railway hygiene».


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