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Filters and filtration fabrics

for milk filtration

JSC Komitex offers tubular filters (filter sleeves), which are widely used for milk filtration under and without pressure. 
Disposable milk filters are made of a needlepunched calendered material with surface density 160g/sqm by means of ultrasonic welding.

JSC Komitex produces filtration fabrics of different sizes.

The usage of milk filter fabrics made by Komitex allows to increase greatly the quality of the final product.

JSC «Komitex» was awarded with the diploma of the winner of the contest «The best goods and services of the Komi Republic 2017» for the production and sale of high-quality services - Filter element from the needle-punched thermo-bonded fabric

The company Komitex took part in the All-Russian competition «100 best goods of Russia 2017» and was awarded the honorary diploma «Golden Hundred».
The filter element from the needle-punched thermo-bonded fabric entered the first hundred products of 2017.

of food/liquids

JSC Komitex offers nonwoven materials for filtration of:

  • liquids/food: milk, water, beer and others.
  • dry food: flour, dry milk and others.


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Filtration of industrial liquids

JSC Komitex offers nonwoven materials for filtration of:

  • fuels;
  • lubricant cooling liquids;
  • oil lubricant cooling liquids of different fuels, oil hydraulics;
  • water containing polymer dust;
  • emulsions.

JSC Komitex features : nonwoven for technical and waste water filtration based on synthetic materials - polyester, polypropylene, viscose.
The main purpose of the material — capturing of carbon solids.
Viscose during the swelling in water provides arrestance of the particles up to 84%.
One of the important parameters of nonwoven fabric are its anti-corrosion properties.
For the manufacture of air filter shape elements in the engines of cars C1.310.240.08 material is designed.

of air and gases

Almost in all branches of industry nonwoven materials of JSC Komitex production are used for the filtration of air and gases.

Nonwoven materials
for respirators

Various nonwoven materials and tapes for respirators of JSC Komitex are widely used in production of the individual respiratory protective equipment.

in automobile industry

JSC Komitex offers :

  • Filtration fabric for manufacture of air formed filter elements for automobile engines. The main destination of this filter is to collect from air the big dust particles.

The features of nonwoven filtration material:

  • duplex structure ensures layered filtration;
  • the small filter pores size at good air permeability ensures high filtering capacity;
  • stiff structure of filtration material ensures the possibility of manufacturing retained form to install the manufactured filter into cassette.

Chemically bonded fabric KOMITEX has been traditionally used in production of automobile filters for diesel fuel, filtration of lubricant cooling liquids;

JSC Komitex offers also needlepunched and needlepunched thermobonded nonwoven fabrics as prefilters in production of antiallergic dust filters for the filtration of air in car passenger compartments.

In case of necessity there is an opportunity to produce nonwoven materials for filtration as tapes of different width.


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