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Nonwovens for automotive industry

Komitex is a leader in the domestic market for the production and sale of non-woven fabrics made of polyester and polypropylene fibers for the automotive industry.

In 2010 and 2011, the company was awarded diplomas of the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs of Textile and Light Industry for the excellent quality and excellent consumer performance of products for decorative car interiors.

Examples of the use of nonwoven materials in the production of modern cars:

  • the manufacture of integral parts of the cabin and trunk: roofs, door elements, shelves, etc .;
  • decorative interior trim: ceiling, floor, sidewalls, doors, seat heaters, subwoofers and speakers;
  • noise and heat insulation of the car;
  • manufacture of filters for diesel fuel;
  • upholstery of racks and shelves of the trunk, engine compartment, engine compartment;
  • layered coolant filtration.

Finishing materials for the interior and trunk can be made with different pile and in the preferred color for the customer, in accordance with its requirements.

The company’s assortment includes canvases made according to practically all known non-woven materials production technologies in the world:

  • needle-punched,
  • canvas stitching,
  • glued
  • duplicated
  • combined.

In the manufacture of anti-allergenic dust filters for air purification in car interiors, Komitex recommends the use of needle-punched thermally bonded non-woven fabrics.

Advantages of products made of polyester and polypropylene fibers:

  • reasonable price, which allows to reduce the cost of the car as a whole, therefore, to increase the competitiveness of its own auto production;
  • low specific gravity;
  • high rate of mechanical strength: resistance to wear, impact and abrasion ensures a long service life;
  • resistance to UV radiation (the skin does not fade, does not change the quality characteristics);
  • immunity to chemical reagents, greatly simplifying the care of products (easy to wash and clean with household chemicals);
  • resistance to microorganisms, bacteria, fungi (helps to maintain an attractive appearance for a long time);
  • resistance to heat, cold, temperature extremes, excellent thermal insulation characteristics, low hygroscopicity and good sound insulation provide a comfortable stay in the car;
  • safety for human health (the canvas does not contain and does not emit harmful substances).

Komitex guarantees its customers an impeccable quality of products, the formation of an optimal pricing policy, quick delivery of goods to the buyer and favorable conditions for cooperation.

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