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Nonwoven materials for printing industry

One of the production areas of Komitex JSC is the production of canvases for the printing industry, which are used for:

  • strengthening the spine of books,
  • printing labels on soft containers.

The materials are made of polyester, polypropylene, viscose fibers and their combinations. Dry canvas forming technologies are used for their production.

The canvases produced by Komitex are not inferior to imported ones in quality, nomenclature, assortment and scope of application. The variety of raw materials used and the affordable price can satisfy any requirements and volumes of the Russian printing market.


  • exceptional strength, which is maintained for a long period of time, which is ensured by a slight elongation when stretched both longitudinally and transversely;
  • resistance to microbacteria, fungi, mold;
  • abrasion resistance, preservation during repeated bending;
  • high elasticity with rapid return to the initial state and elasticity;
  • excellent moisture resistance, providing easy care (besides, the material does not electrify, does not collect dust);
  • immunity to ultraviolet radiation (does not fade, does not lose its structure under the influence of sunlight);
  • maximum heat resistance, the ability to withstand significant temperature changes;
  • resistance to chemical aggressive substances (organic solvents, alkalis, acids, etc.), which, for example, can provide an invaluable service when it is necessary to restore a book or other printed products;
  • environmental friendliness due to the absence of substances harmful to humans in the composition;
  • low cost: in terms of price-quality ratio, these materials have practically no competitors.

Komitex produces fibers at its own enterprises, which allows reducing the cost of production of finished products and, accordingly, offering competitive prices to the customer. Fast delivery of goods to the consumer is carried out thanks to an extensive network of representative offices and warehouses of the company. The quality of the supplied products is ensured by certificates of compliance with international standards.


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