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Nonwoven material for cable industry

Nonwoven materials and tapes of various widths
produced by JSC Komitex are widely used in:

  • power cables;
  • control cables;
  • communication cables;
  • cables for submersible drive pumps and other cable production;
  • phone cables;
  • other cable products.

JSC Komitex offers following materials and tapes:

  • chemically bonded (also electroconductive);
  • thermally bonded;
  • needlepunched thermally bonded materials including high-temperature materials (made from 100% Polyester).

Nonwoven materials and tapes
for cable industry have the following properties:

  • high mechanical strength;
  • uniformity;
  • high degree of stability to the long fluctuation in temperature;
  • possibility of output of the products, which do not educe halogens at burning.

Nonwoven materials and tapes for cable industry meet the technological and operational requirements showed to cable production.

Nonwoven materials and tapes for cable industry are approved and recommended to use by VNIIKP (Authorizations TK-46 № 51-03 and 42-03), are included in the specifications and technical documentation on cable products.

In 2014 needlepunched thermally bonded material and tape for technical purposes won Diploma for «High quality» under Competition «The Best goods and Services of Republic of Komi».


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