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Nonwovens for roofing and waterproofing materials

JSC Komitex offers nonwoven for roofing and waterproofings as a reinforcing basis,the substrates for noise-insulation materials, and also the layer material for waterproofing installation.


Komitex JSC offers ISOFELT ® construction synthetic material for heat and noise insulation.

It is used for insulation and sound insulation of interior and inter-apartment floors, balconies, loggias, attic rooms, ventilated facades of buildings, pitched roofs, floors, in industrial and individual construction and repair.


  • Surface density: 500-1000 g / sq. m;
  • Composition: polyester fiber;
  • Thickness: 5-100 mm;
  • Width: 80-400 cm;
  • Color: Dark colors (mostly gray)


  • Absorbs noise, prevents the passage of a sound wave;
  • Provides air circulation (the room "breathes");
  • Safe. It does not require special protection during installation, does not affect the well-being;
  • It contains only high-quality polyester (no formaldehydes, ethylenes, etc.);
  • The use period is 50+ years;
  • It is not subject to rot, fungus and mold do not start;
  • It does not attract rodents and insects;
  • High strength, light weight;
  • Optimal elongation during deformation;
  • The ability to form;
  • "Spring effect" (filling voids during deformation of wood, metal, etc.)



Non-woven reinforcing base for rolled polymer PVC, TPO and EPDM membranes

The non-woven reinforcing base of Komitex JSC has proven itself more successfully than other types of bases in the production of rolled polymer PVC, TPO and EPDM membranes, which are used for the installation and repair of roofs, as well as waterproofing of bridges, structures and other objects.

Non-woven reinforcing base (geotextile)
for waterproofing mastics

Non-woven reinforcing fabric (geotextile) is the best basis for mastics used in roofing insulation and waterproofing of foundations, swimming pools, polygons and other objects.
Conventional geotextile often does not meet the requirements for a reinforcing base for mastics.
At JSC Komitex, together with manufacturers of waterproofing mastics, a special reinforcing cloth has been developed that has the best properties for this application.

The use of a non-woven reinforcing base produced by Komitex JSC for mastic waterproofing significantly increases its quality and allows:

  • reduce the cost and time of performing preparatory work before waterproofing, since there is no need for "complete" cleaning of the object (in this case, the coupling of the waterproofing will not be with the object, but with a non-woven fabric),
  • minimize the "human factor" when performing waterproofing works, because on a non-woven basis, the defects of applying mastic are more clearly visible,
  • increase the speed of work and minimize the consumption of mastic.

Advantages of the non-woven reinforcing base of Komitex JSC in comparison with other types of bases for roofing and waterproofing:

  • maximum and fast adhesion to any compositions;
  • high strength;
  • uniformity by weight;
  • glakaya surface;
  • chemical, thermal and moisture resistance;
  • optimal elongation and elasticity help to prevent the destruction of the waterproofing layer during operation;
  • high resistance to static punching.

All this significantly improves the properties of the finished material, reduces the risk of damage to the roofing and waterproofing carpet during installation and operation, and significantly increases its service life.

The non-woven reinforcing base produced by Komitex JSC significantly improves the properties, reduces production costs, reduces the risks of damage during installation and poor-quality waterproofing, provides a much longer service life of roofing and waterproofing materials.


Non-woven fabrics produced by Komitex JSC are successfully used by manufacturers of noise insulation materials.

It is the non-woven substrate that gives exceptional properties to materials for inter-storey hydro and noise insulation used in the construction of buildings and structures.

The laying material laid during the installation of waterproofing JSC Komitex produces a wide range of geotextile materials that can be used as laying materials during the installation of roofing and other types of waterproofing and performs the following functions:

  • drainage and filtering (for example, in the construction of inversion roofs),
  • reinforcing and protective (for example, when laying between a baseless waterproofing membrane and a rigid insulation),
  • other.

The company also produces non-woven materials, duplicated with a film, to perform, among other things, also moisture-insulating functions.

In 2010, the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs of the Textile and Light Industry and the ANO "SOYUZEXPERTIZA" The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation awarded Komitex JSC a Diploma for high consumer properties of non-woven needle-punched thermally bonded polyester fibers for roofing and insulation.

JSC Komitex has the opportunity to refine all manufactured products according to individual requirements and develop new materials based on samples and characteristics of consumers.


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