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Nonwoven materials for apparel industry

JSC Komitex offers the following nonwoven materials for apparel industry:

  • chemically bonded fabrics with thermoadhesive coating and without it; 
  • termobonded fabrics   (with one-sided and double-sided drawing thermoadhesive coating and without it);
  • needlepunched fabrics;
  • marking tape.

In apparel industry nonwoven materials and tapes of JSC KOMITEX are used for:

  • backing of collars, pockets, flaps, lapels, cuffs, facings, fronts, bands, nicks, and other details of men’s, women`s and children’s clothes, head-dresses;
  • making straps as part of a garment; 
  • warmth-keeping of garment parts; 
  • marking of garments.

Nonwovens are produced of different colours: white, black, grey.

There is the opportunity to produce nonwovens of other colours in accordance with requests.


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